This is my first update since 2013. Yeah! I’m on this. So how are you? ENOUGH ABOUT YOU THIS IS ABOUT ME NOW.

So I moved to Folkestone and I’m really smug about my garden and the air quality here. I love The Creative Foundation and Improv Gym- hooray for new friends and oxygen.

I have just finished filming on Julia Davis’s new comedy for Sky… more on that soon. And Lee and Dean is now available on DVD:

I am still performing with Showstopper on tour and in the West End.

AND Sue Harrison (fellow Showstopper) and I have completed our sitcom. Who would like to make this with us please?

I am also cutting a NEW SHOWREEL with the marvellously talented Andrew Pugsley (fellow Showstopper). More soon.

Great- that didn’t hurt too much did it? I shall vow to update you more on stuff. I am trying to learn photoshop- so send me your top tips pleases.

xx byeeeeee xx