Keeping it simple and METAPHORS

Hey there. How’ve you been? Well it’s September 2019 now and we’re just getting used to the idea that Summer may be at a close. Yesterday I misjudged my layers and had a very sweaty day (the perils of living by the sea and travelling into London where the climate is always several degrees warmer). I am harvesting my garden (not a metaphor) and stewing apples, slicing pears, green beans, wondering what to do with the courgettes and all my smugness. In other words, I’m inviting you to a BREXIT party at mine when the food supplies run out.

I’ve been transcribing my GREAT GREAT (he was really great) Grandfather’s Autobiography over the last few weeks (with the aid of my husband and his head torch- it’s a strong look!). G W Lloyd (my G G Grandfather) wrote the autobiography in 1936 but the tales are of his time aboard the H.M.S. Garnetin the Royal British Navy in the late 1800s. Humble Welsh beginnings to adventures in The British Empire. It’s an interesting feeling learning the story of a distant relative- I was sobbing by page 7 at the tragedies he experienced. It’s like I’ve been given my own Who Do You Think You Are programme. I think that’s actually what I want in life; to be famous enough to be on WDYTYA?! I’d love a team of researchers to help explore this epic tale of high seas, adventure and a lot of death. I want to turn it into a book, an EPIC tv series and who knows what else. Maybe a folk song. Might get Jon Boden on the case. Anyway it strikes me how he always chose KINDNESS. At every opportunity. It’s hard not to judge someone for using words/phrases that we don’t use any more. But for me the essence is always there. A bit like when I was turning a Spike Milligan book into a musical. I could see his essence- silly and kind.

Yesterday I did a corporate acting job in the City. I love spreading the good word of improvising and saying ‘yes and’. What you bring is enough. Listening to others and being HUMBLE enough to back out if their idea is better- in the hope you can create something together. It is interesting that the skills we actors take for granted are valued more in a business environment, As I looked around the City of London at a meeting room, aloft in a vaginal, slightly obnoxiously-shaped building I thought how complicated life has gotten. Why do you need a meeting room high up and exposed to show how special and rich you are. We had passes to get out of the building we were working in, but they didn’t deactivate the door to let us out. I ended up crawling on the floor, below the frosting on the glass to attract the attention (and slightly amuse) of the security guard. Back to basics- crawling on the floor. Often the simple path is the most satisfying and amusing. THIS IS A METAPHOR.

And as I continue to read my GG Grandfather’s Memoirs, I am again reminded to be grateful for the many luxuries- yes soap is a luxury- and abundance we have. 30 people didn’t die of yellow fever in front of me yesterday for example. I shall make an apple crumble in honour of G W Lloyd (GG Grandfather) and muse on the simple things in life.




Wood Burning Stove Brag (sorry RB)

Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by. What have you been up to? Good. REALLY? Lovely… ENOUGH ABOUT YOU! STOP GOING ON ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME. Since my last post… err in May I have enjoyed lots of touring and secret corporate work for Showstopper! We had a great Edinburgh back at The Pleasance Grand with Showstopper! The staff there are sooooo hard working.  We returned also with the kids Showstopper show at the bigger venue of Pleasance 2. DID I MENTION I GOT A BLUE PETER BADGE??? It was my 11th fringe and the best one yet. Really enjoyed the guest improv spots I did and all the random bumping-intos. We’re continuing our run at The Lyric, West End and are really looking forward to returning to Leicester Square Spiegeltent in December with The Showstopper Kids Show.

We marked the 10th year since the passing of my great mentor KEN CAMPBELL at The British Library, where we summonsed the muses and Pippa Evans and I improvised Bronte! Speaking of which, have you seen Chris Ash of Showstopper’s Bronte Musical WASTED at Southwark!? The Bronte’s died SO YOUNG. I’ve gotta get my musical finished before consumption gets me.

Also I’m on book 3 of the Anne of Green Gables series. FAVE BOOK EVER is Anne of The Island. Interesting to know that Lucy Maud Montgomery suffered with depression and gave up writing. It is so beautifully written. And I love how Anne is celebrated for being emotional. I wish I’d read these books as a child- it might have helped with me crying at everything.

I am gearing up to teach a female impro workshop at The Nursery. Although the workshops are for female identifying players the themes I’ll explore are universal. It just means it’ll be a safe space to explore and play. It’ll be about celebrating what you uniquely bring to the stage/ room. Something it has taken me many years to do.

Also I now have a wood-burning stove. I like to buy things when I do filming jobs. Symbolic purchases. I only feel mildly bad about fulfilling Ruth Bratt’s dream of owning a stove (this was a running joke during BBC radio series) . So this has been a great summer and now I’m ready for long writing days in front of the fire. Also I’m busy crocheting poppies for the Armistice Remembrance- some of which are on their way to the Cenotaph and some I’ll tie to The Road of Remembrance. It’s a big thing in Folkestone check out Danny Boyle‘s plan to take over the beaches.



This is my first update since 2013. Yeah! I’m on this. So how are you? ENOUGH ABOUT YOU THIS IS ABOUT ME NOW.

So I moved to Folkestone and I’m really smug about my garden and the air quality here. I love The Creative Foundation and Improv Gym- hooray for new friends and oxygen.

I have just finished filming on Julia Davis’s new comedy for Sky… more on that soon. And Lee and Dean is now available on DVD:

I am still performing with Showstopper on tour and in the West End.

AND Sue Harrison (fellow Showstopper) and I have completed our sitcom. Who would like to make this with us please?

I am also cutting a NEW SHOWREEL with the marvellously talented Andrew Pugsley (fellow Showstopper). More soon.

Great- that didn’t hurt too much did it? I shall vow to update you more on stuff. I am trying to learn photoshop- so send me your top tips pleases.

xx byeeeeee xx

SKILLS/ You learn something new every day…

I was thinking. Most people have an “angle” on their blogs. My dad writes one about birds in and around Dungeness (sometimes he writes about moths and flowers and his dog). My mum doesn’t write one, but if she did it’d be about making things (she recently made me 3 dresses, a cardie, a quilt, put buttons on four of my cushion covers, fixed my curtains, made my son a quilt, 2 blankets, made my sister an amazing bag which matches a skirt she made for me- forgot that). My comedy partner (Ruth Bratt) writes proper clever wordy wordly stuff about issues of importance with a touch of feminism. She makes me think. She also makes me think I should have more strong opinions about things. Here’s an opinion- I THINK WOMEN SHOULD GO GREY.
For now, I am going to share with you what I learn, realise and see- I am going to be me- I’m good at that most of the time.

SO let’s get started… Today I noticed that tupperware can gather pretty fast in an office. I also have learnt that my new landlord “is happy” for me to turf his previously sky-high weeded and poo-ridden garden (he’s soooo kind) and that remembering things is an art form and a wonder. Isn’t it interesting how you suddenly remember you owe Dylan £25 for setting up your website, or that you were really moved by something in a film or a play? (The painted Veil with Edward Norton… boo hooo). I recently got new headshots and a new reel with help from my amazing supportive friend (Mr Andrew Pugsley- face of an angel). He’s good at technical things. You’ve gotta wanna though haven’t you? Technology doesn’t float my boat.  Do you ever think you might discover a skill, like a really good one that noone else has? Sometimes this skill will be lucrative (like the dude in Social Network- don’t watch it- who invented facebook) and sometimes the skill will be niche (like my skill for reaching things on high shelves without the aid of a stool). I’m also very good at smelling things. I have an excellent sense of smell and when I pass people on the street I shout “Cool Water” and ” Gucci Rush”. I’m thinking about selling this service: “IF YOU’VE GOT A SMELL, I’LL TELL YOU WHAT IT IS” . I’m also good at noticing hair continuity in films. In a universe far away these are excellent skills to have…